The Venues


Artist Locations

Venue Name Media
EL Airport Sheila Currie Watercolour/Mixed Media
EL Airport Zoey Wood-Salomon Acrylics/First Nations
EL Airport Doug Clute Wooden Walking Sticks
EL Airport Diane Bode Acrylics/Mixed Media
EL Airport Dani-Lynn Redgrift-Berthelot Photography
Collins Hall Kathleen Parr Fibre/Quilting
Collins Hall Doug Souliere & Mike Mullins Wood Turning
Collins Hall LoomAddicts Jacque/Gail/June/John Weaving
Collins Hall Lillian Asquith Painting
Collins Hall Gwen Goulet Jewellery/Wire
Collins Hall Joanna Westby Illustration/Multi Media
Collins Hall Maggie Foran Painting
Collins Hall Lise Portelance Woven Blankets
Collins Hall Nancy Cloutier Acrylic Pouring & Resin
Collins Hall Laura-Lee Gillard Acrylics
Collins Hall Emerging Artists - Fine Arts Graduates   Various Media
Camp Thompson   Jim & Joanie Lindamood Painted Bird Carvings
Camp Thompson Paula Walsh Pottery
Camp Thompson Brittany MacLean Paintings/Illustration
Camp Thompson Lidia Silvestrova Painted Wooden Dolls/Eggs
Camp Thompson Linda Finn Watercolour/Mixed Media
Camp Thompson Murray Finn Wooden Boxes
Dunlop Lodge Lisa MacDonald-Waite Teddy Bears & Jewellery
Dunlop Lodge Conrad Bobiwash Watercolour/First Nations
Dunlop Lodge JoAnne Nichols Embossing on Metal & Wood
Dunlop Lodge Len Hannigan Wood/Stone
Dunlop Lodge Jola Klim Pottery
  Total Artists: 35 Total Booths: 27

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Arts on the Trail Festival
September 28th, 2019, 9AM-5PM
In and Around Elliot Lake, Ontario
For More Information
(705) 848-2287 ext 2153

About Arts on the Trail

On the last weekend in September, arts, colour and entertainment come to life like nowhere else.
Set amongst the flora and fauna of the beautiful Algoma District, Arts on the Trail is a scenic, self-guided art tour in and around the City of Elliot Lake.

Support Us

Arts on the Trail is a not-for-profit event made to help support the Arts and Culture community. As such we are always looking for volunteers and donations to help keep the event going.